About Us

My husband and I have been living together for just over 12 years, and married for 2.  In early 2012, after many years of dreaming of having our own house, we found ourselves becoming the proud owners of a 1978 rancher in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia.

We bought the house because it just had “something different” about it. Instead of being a conventional two-storey home, our house exudes a rancher-style executive vibe – starting with the southern style courtyard and entryway.  It has its quirks and odd bits, but it is comfortable and welcoming – in a very short time it really did feel like home!

While we originally had notions of replacing original fixtures such as the solid wood cabinets with new “designer” type, we have actually grown quite fond of the older & sturdier craftsmanship of the originals. We’re coming to appreciate the true value/better quality of “vintage” things; I suppose in some ways the house has been teaching and gently reminding us that newer is not always better.

Nearly 2 years in, we are still carefully trying to figure out how to update the house tastefully, making it “ours” while also keeping the essence of what we loved about it.  This blog was started as a journal of this balancing act.  I hope you enjoy all of the notes, photos and before-and-after tales of our various DIY projects and goings-on!


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