Neverending Soap Dispensers

Maybe it is just something that happens in our household, or maybe you’ve experienced this same thing, but have you ever had a household supply that just keeps on going (whether you love it or hate it)?

We have a soap dispenser in our ensuite bathtoom that I purchased not long after we moved into our house. I use it on a daily basis, and have even gotten so fond of it that I tried to find another bottle to keep in the cupboard for when it runs out.  Of course, because I bought it as a clearance deal, it is nowhere to be found – it has probably long since been discontinued. Thankfully, 3 years on and it is still going!  But although I LOVE an excuse to get some fresh new soap & scent, I find myself hoping that each pump is not the last. I’ll miss my now-familiar daily scent when it is gone..!

What is YOUR favorite “never ending” household item?


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