Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes

You hear it said, but don’t always heed the advice: “Take a break.”

When something starts to drain you, or stress you more than it gives you enjoyment it is probably no longer a hobby as much as a chore.  For me, as is evidenced by the lack of posts on this site for the past year or so, this has been quite true. I lost my DIY and blogging “mojo”…

But it hasn’t been a complete loss. During that time I decided to step back and take a needed break. I certainly didn’t want to stop involvement with my projects entirely – I have done a couple that I will eventually get around to posting!

Mainly this year has been a year of purging. I can proudly report that I have even let some of my “future DIY project” pieces go, in order to claim back some of our garage space. It’s still a work in progress but is looking much closer to what we want – what we need it to look like.

At the end of the day, you have to do what you need in life, not just what you “want.”  In my experience, wants come and go, but needs are a longer-term thing which often require honest introspection to actually connect with what those genuine and very individual needs are.  And you know, it actually feels quite good to free yourself of those things that just didn’t quite end up working out, or that you decided you don’t quite love or need as much as you originally thought you did.

I’ll admit, I was feeling a bit down on myself for “failing.”  My blog site was left in limbo, desperately needing some new material – but after such a long silence I was too embarassed to post, nor did I really have anything to post about.  “That’s ok,” I tried to tell myself, “I’ll get back into the swing of things eventually” – but I didn’t as quickly as I thought I would.

Then one evening not too long ago I was surfing the web and decided to have a look at one of my favorite home/DIY blogs, “Young House Love.” I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last browsed their site but apparently a fair while… and lo and behold: the “professionals” were taking a break from their blog too! Suddenly I felt normal again.  No one who has at least tried is ever a failure, and if the “big guys” have had to call it quits, I couldn’t be so hard on myself for having my own break as well.

See, the thing is, blogs take time and these days we don’t have enough of that – especially when they cut into what little time we have for the things that REALLY matter: Family and friends.

Enjoy life, be sporadic!

This is not the end of this blog, just a transition into a newer chapter. I will not try and delude myself into thinking I will be able to keep on top of our home (inside AND out), jobs, DIY projects and/or renovations while also being able to write a blog on even a weekly basis. Instead I will write when the muse calls, and I will try and post a few photos if and when I do get around to some of those never-ending projects (fun OR “work”), but I am going to be a “bad” blogger and I won’t commit to a regular posting schedule, sorry. It is time to say “out with the preconceived notions” of what a blog should be.  First and foremost this is simply a momento and journal of sorts of our first house and (hopefully!) longtime home.

Subscribe to this blog and I promise you that you will not be spammed every day or week. Read the latest posts if and when they come up – with OR without a glass of wine in your hand.  I hope that both you as a reader and I as the blog writer will enjoy the more laid-back format.


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