Weekend Refinish: Leksvik TV Cabinet

One of my favorite finds at this year’s Spring Cleanup was a lovely Ikea Leksvik cabinet like this one:

The one that I found had some scratches and marks on the top and I later noticed that one of the doors had a split in the wood but at least the glass doors were intact. With ample storage space and doors to shut everything in, it was perfect for what we needed in our living room to replace the “temporary” stand we got when we first moved in. Not to mention it was a piece that I had my eye on years ago but never had a space for! Sometimes it’s nice how things work out.

This project took a lot longer than it should have, mainly because I picked the wrong method to paint it. Yep, another “learning experience”!

I did my due diligence in preparing it, including removing all of the hardware first, filling any large scratches and gluing the door back together, then carefully sanding with a fine grit to break the surface without creating visible scratch marks.

The problems came in because silly me thought I could spray-paint it. I’ve now learned that for such large, smooth surfaces it is very difficult (if not impossible) to get the paint to apply evenly. I got through one can of white paint before I decided that it wasn’t working, but I’m glad I stopped.

Although I had originally chosen white to try and match the fireplace that sits next to it, I made the decision to completely change the colour – I would instead paint it a contrasting black. I was lucky enough to have several free cans of this anyway, so at least it would save some money, making the sting of the first error a little less. I applied the paint on all of the surfaces using a simple sponge roller (gives a professional, even finish), and a small paintbrush and sponge for first applying paint in the corners.

Actually, I think it looks pretty smart with the almost identical-width black TV on top of it! Phew!



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