The Tiki Bar

I thought it was time for a spot on our favorite and funkiest furniture item in the house: our Tiki Bar!

Having a bar in our upstairs family room was certainly not in the original plan, yet now we wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it when things like that happen!

This was actually quite by chance happening. The bar was originally destined to go downstairs at the back of the media room, but once we finally got it through the front door (which was quite the feat in itself) and started trying to get it down the stairs we realized that its weight and dimensions would make this impossible. Before we could damage any walls or stairwells, we decided the only way it would go down there was if it was fully dismantled, but this would mean a complete tear-down and since this was solidly hand-built to last that would be a nearly impossible task in itself… Hmm… Suddenly not such an appealing idea!

Needing to put it somewhere regardless of whether it was staying, going, or being taken apart to get downstairs, I quickly pointed at a void space in the family room – a room who’s strange “L” shape had proven quite a challenge in what to actually put in it. The bar was placed “temporarily” in the corner over 2 years ago and has remained there ever since!

It actually works very well where it is, and we can’t really imagine a much better or fun use of the space. It allows refreshments to be served up away from the kitchen but still where everyone seems to prefer to congregate – this comes in very useful at gatherings! It’s also a cozy spot for weekend mornings & making smoothies. R has even mounted a small LCD tv onto the wall right above it (not shown in photo) and wired up our little bookshelf stereo & speakers.

The conversation pit right next to it creates a perfect social area for sipping cocktails – right by the fire in the colder months! Now if I could only get around to sorting out a refresh for that old upholstery… You’ve got it: another To-Do list item!



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