Weekend Refinish: Plastic Muskoka Chairs

At this year’s spring cleanup I found a pair of very faded but still intact plastic Muskoka chairs. When I saw them I immediately wondered if Rustoleum’s claims of “works on plastic” were true… So I snagged them and put them in the garage for the onset of more suitable spray-painting weather. Queue the last weekend in May, a gorgeous & sunny weekend. What’s better yet, I even had the perfect giant spray-paint “booth” in the form of the box from our new patio set!

There isn’t yet a turquoise Rustoleum paint colour – the closest I can get is Aqua… hubby actually made the final decision on this as I had my doubts, but I must admit they do look fun now that they’re all done!

And without further ado, I present the before-and-after: Blue-muskoka

This one was done on the first weekend, but the second one had to wait two weeks due to less than ideal conditions the weekend after. I’m so glad they are both done now as there’s nothing worse than a half-finished project (or mismatched pair) lying around!

And, excusing the “ongoing improvements” in our back yard, here is the pair together!



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