Nearly Spring!

Hello and long-time, no speak! For this I apologize. I think I might have to make a regular “break time” for the blog in deepest, darkest winter – it is often all we can do just to keep warm and keep sane with the long, long nights!

Aside from battling a very nasty, long-running cold for about 5 weeks over December/early January, there has not been much to report on on the home front.  I did manage to at least pick up a pair of knitting needles this past month or so and continued learning some new things. I can hopefully say now that I am at a slightly advanced beginner stage!

With daylight savings here this past weekend, can Spring be far behind??!  I’m getting so excited for DIY season!  I’ve been itching to get myself immersed in several projects, but the weather, temperatures and general post-virus malaise have not really allowed for any of the projects I want to work on.

One thing that my hubby and I DID somehow manage to do in-between below-freezing weeks was make a significant dent in the mess that was known as our garage!  There is nothing like tackling a long overdue project, standing back and seeing an actual result.  So much empty floor space, and a lot less leftover moving boxes needing unpacking gave us both a great sense of satisfaction!

There are several items waiting in the now-clean, great-workspace-garage for better weather so that I can strip and re-finish them, and a large assortment of bargain stain tins that I can’t wait to try!

I’m hoping one of my first projects will be to attempt our very own Union Jack coffee table.  Last spring I came across the Domestic Imperfection blog, and was quite taken by a particular post featuring a unique coffee table. What makes it so fun is that they restored it differently than the usual “slap-on-some-paint” job. For this one they made use of the existing patterns in the wood and then accentuated the design through the use of contrasting wood stains to create a Union Jack effect that is fun yet subtle and not too over-the-top. Beautiful!

It’s funny how things sometimes work out. Not more than a week or two after I came across that post and wished we could do one ourselves, we stumbled upon a similar beauty at a local garage sale! Same top, slightly different styled legs.  Unfortunately one of the legs was broken and will need to be fixed, but that meant we scooped it up for a nice bargain at just $5!  I’m going to paint the lower section of ours a different colour – TBC depending on how adventurous I am feeling at the time!


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