Thoughts Of A Kitchen Makeover

Daylight Savings Time has just hit us for the winter – back to those long evenings, and time to get cozied up! Although it has been only a few long nights I already find my mind wandering through my list of DIY tasks for around the house; lately it has been settling on the kitchen makeover that we’ve been planning since we bought the house. I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about this task, so hopefully it is only a matter of time…

We’ve already come up with a basic colour scheme, thanks in part to a bargain find of some mosaic type wall tiles at Home Depot last autumn. The tiles actually complement the existing beige colour on the family room and dining room walls, so at least that is one less paint job to worry about right now!

Colour_Swatch-ICI_Whistler 20120926-233605.jpg

The main issue has been deciding what to do with the cabinets. They’re the original cabinets but are solid wood and, like a lot of older home items, are from a much more well-built era. It wasn’t long after we moved in that we decided they would stay a bit longer (amazing how 30+ year-old cabinets were in better shape than the 10-year old ones we had in the apartment!). I am loathe to slap paint over the lovely natural wood grain, and besides that, my hubby is not a fan of the traditional “white kitchen” idea. Instead we’re going to try staining them a dark ebony colour, which will give a rich look while keeping some of the wood grain. The paint we’ve purchased for the walls is going to be a pale grey-green colour, to complement the wall tiles (both shown below). With black cabinets, it will either look very striking, or it’ll not work at all. It’s a calculated risk, but hopefully it will be worth it! However, since you should always have a backup plan, with the help of some good primer, I can always paint the cabinets lighter if it doesn’t work!

Of course, for me, I need to SEE an example with my own eyes. Today I finally found a good example/inspiration photo here – hooray!


I’m quite excited because it is almost exactly the combination of our colour choices, plus with our skylight we’ll have a brighter effect overall! We won’t be redoing our floor straight away, but I think it will still look stunning with white linoleum in the interim!

Life is all about taking a gamble once in awhile, right? Whatever it turns out as, at least I will be finally rid of that terracotta red that we promised ourselves we’d get rid of from the start…
kitchen Kitchen-2


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