Home & Design Show

This past weekend I had the fortune of using my free tickets to the Vancouver Home & Design Show (with thanks to my parents’ ReMax realtor). I’ve never been to one of these shows so I thought it was a good time to try as I was in need of some inspiration. I figured it might also be useful to scope out some good contacts – landscapers, contractors, painters, etc – for any larger jobs we might need to have done around the house.

Sadly, the show was not at all what I thought it would be. It was less about home and design and apparently more focused on the infomercial-type household products to clutter them up with! “Stay cool” pillows, special cleaning aids, mops, gutter guards and tools, cooking accessories, ceramic knives, pots and pans, Tupperware, beauty products and other little trinkets comprised about 50-65% of the show.

The Vancouver Home & Design Show - Oct. 2013

The Vancouver Home & Design Show – Oct. 2013

Ornate decorative vegetables with a fun twist!

Ornate decorative vegetables with a fun twist!

The rest was as you would expect: Kitchen & Bath companies, window companies, a hot tub company, patio and awning companies, a few Interior Decorator companies…  So, it was an interesting afternoon but I had hoped to immerse myself in creativity, not tacky gadget sales!  It was disappointing and if I had paid for my tickets I would certainly be writing to them for a refund.

I did however, get my value out of a $10 gutter cleaning tool purchase.  I bought it early on in the afternoon “just in case” they ran out before I got back to the booth, but then had to lug that annoying, unwieldy thing around for the whole time. I nearly took my friend’s eye out once (sorry my dear!!). What was amusing was the amount of people who approached me and asked in a very excited tone where I had purchased it. It wasn’t just men, it was women as well. Even when leaving the Skytrain, the friendly Translink fellows at the stairs stopped me to ask if I had been to the home show and inquire as to exactly what the tall implement was.  This led to a several-minute long conversation about the “joys” of gutters (one of them also suffers from a large volume of pine needles – I feel his pain!) and a helpful suggestion from one of them about what his best solution is (it’s a secret!).

Yes, apparently my ongoing battle with gutters is not unique, and this made me feel so much better! Not that I didn’t already know that, but “seeing” this in action has reaffirmed the belief.

So, for my investment of $10 I had a very successful social experiment: I met several new people, realized that no matter where you live or what kind of home you have there are certain things that unite them all. I also have a helpful new gutter-cleaning tool for my hubby (you think I am going to go up on that ladder??!) as well as a new idea that I may try in the future for our “problem” gutters and which may end up being the subject of a future post…


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