Weekend Refinish: Brass Side Table

Our first weekend in October was a beautiful one! The warm weather meant that we could finally get the lawn mown and still have plenty of time left for a few other DIY pursuits.

I chose to take the opportunity to paint a table I’ve been eager to make over. This is one of a second-hand pair of tables that my parents originally had in their living room. They were a brass finish with a smoky glass top, but had seen better days. The brass was scratched, almost rusty in some patches and even had some “crazing” on parts. I wasn’t sure about the design, but knew they would look much better with a fresh re-spray. A spray can of Aged Copper metal paint that I bought on a whim seemed to be a good choice.

Here you can see the tables as they originally looked (without the glass top):


Close-up of the worn original finish:


There were some rusty spots, lots of scratches and even some funky “crazing” on this section:


I did the first coat with the table upside-down (as you can tell from the left-over “imprint” on the drop sheet), then flipped it right-side up, lightly hand-sanded where the paint had dripped and/or pulled away due to being stuck to the plastic – my fault for setting it up in medium-length grass – a FLAT surface is a must next time! Then I sprayed the final coat from the top side. Thankfully I had finished what I needed on the table, and just after starting one of the patio wall hangings I promptly ran out of the paint! A few more seconds would have been perfect but I can’t complain: at least one table and one of the two patio hangings was nicely finished! Glad I didn’t try and do two at this time!


Close-up of the new paint finish – I love the effect!



I’m a perfectionist but must admit that despite a couple of small imperfections, I’m quite pleased with the finished result!


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