Window Shopping at Pike Place Market

Last Friday I had the fortune of spending a couple of hours wandering around Pike Place Market in Seattle. As always, it was bustling with people, even mid-way through a work day in the post-Labour Day off-season. The top level was awash with fragrant and beautiful flowers at prices that make you wonder why everyone hasn’t bought a bouquet (for me, it was because I would have a border crossing to contend with). You quickly find yourself amongst stalls of fancy condiments, spices and seasonings, fresh produce and seafood (of course!), and other assorted shops full of things like gourmet kitchen tools, cd’s, records, antiques and collectibles. Some of my favorite items included full-size Doctor Who cardboard cutouts, and the largest assortment of matryoshka dolls I have ever seen! One particular antique shop had shelves so full of knick-knacks that I began wondering how many hours the elderly man behind the counter spent tending to them and organizing to fit “just-so” and entirely efficiently.

Some of the vendors passed their time working on their wares while pretending to be oblivious to the people walking past and watching. While passing by one booth, I caught sight of an old Chinese lady hand-sewing a small beanbag toy. I was fascinated while I watched her; she had such finesse with the needle – carefully passing through the metallic fabric and making the tiniest, most dainty little stitches. I was admiring the various characters on display when I laid eyes on a sweet little bright blue dog. That was it; I knew I was going to have to make a purchase. How could I resist this cutie and his friend?!

It didn’t take much persuasion: the crafter in me knows there is NO way I could even make ONE of these for the $6 this pair would cost, and without stabbing my finger a couple dozen times. Happy shopper!



Very cute vintage spice jars:

This one was my favourite out of the Josef Originals vintage figurines on display:


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