Super-Moon Super-Sort

Whenever there is a full moon, everyone seems to get a bit restless. Last night we had a “super moon” and I was feeling particularly antsy. I decided to use the extra energy and take advantage of a cooler evening to do a few furniture-moving tasks that I’d been meaning to do for awhile, and thanks to a bit of help from hubby, we did a pretty good job.

I came to the realistic decision that I’m not going to get around to all of my furniture painting projects too soon, but I also can’t leave them in the garage taking up space… So, thankfully I’ve found homes for some of the items which can be put to use in the interim:

    Last week we moved the retro sideboard-turned retro-sideboard-turned-tv-console from the garage to its permanent intended spot: the media room. It will stay there in its unfinished primer grey until we figure out exactly what colour we want to finish it in – originally we said black but it is just too funky to be plain black.

    An old, chunky 2-drawer dresser that has been sitting in the garage has now found a home in my bedroom closet, satisfying my need for some better storage (and saving me the $99 I just about spent last Friday at Ikea to buy one).

    I moved my black desk (my first major furniture refinishing project) down to my craft room and have donated the white desk that I had in there before to the thrift store. That desk was a freebie I picked up but later discovered was going to take a bit more work than I anticipated (the main issue being that I have searched high & low but haven’t been able to find handles to fit the existing holes and don’t feel like filling & drilling new ones). So, on that one I’m admitting defeat. I’ve done a desk like this already and would rather focus my efforts on a different project.

I also found a few more things to purge, and am hoping that now that I’ve started with some momentum, I can continue on. Next to go: the flimsy white Ikea “dresser” (more like balsa wood frame with flimsy plastic bins) that I picked up several years ago. It served its purpose well at the apartment and at a time when money was tight, but when we moved to the house I decided it was time for a sturdier solution and have gone back to using a chest of drawers.

I’m happy to report that our garage has some larger empty spaces again! I just have to get to work on that pile of leftover moving boxes….


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