Weekend Refinish: Turquoise Mirror

A couple of months ago I spotted this funky design on a cabinet door (no cabinet attached!) at the thrift store. I knew I had to buy it, and for $6 it wasn’t a tough decision. I could already see it in turquoise, as a piece of wall art for my craft room!


Before (with the little knob removed):

You can see the reflection of Lucy above. She was enjoying the view out of the patio door, but then started getting curious as to what I was up to. A few seconds after the photo above, she was getting IN the photos… 🙂


This clearance paint tester pot was already in my stash – I knew it would come in handy eventually! It only cost me $1, was the perfect colour for what I wanted AND I still have plenty left after completing this project. Never underestimate the usefulness of these!



All done!
(And as a bonus you even get a nice view of our living room ceiling.)

I’ll update this post with a photo when I finally get around to hanging it in my craft room.


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